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Our Solutions Pay for Themselves                     

It is important to understand that you are already forced to budget to a steady, non-negotiable fixed expense each and every month…your electric bill.

This cost is already in your budget, your cash flow projections, and anticipated in your Profit & Loss statement.

By implementing an energy efficiency system from Current Energy Solutions, these planned costs immediately plummet, by 10% to 20% for commercial properties.  While manufacturing and industrial properties will see from 5% to 15% cost reduction, depending on the application.

That is real cash-in-hand you did not plan to have.

Our work is paid for from this new cash

When we design an efficiency system it is actually paid for by money otherwise sent straight to your local electric company.  Additionally, with our available financing options, you can actually pay for the entire project from this new positive cash flow, as a simple monthly payment that is much smaller than the savings realized from having our efficiency system. 

A lease purchase allows our customers with good credit to enjoy the benefits of our system without changing their budget.  By reducing your electric bill the lease cost is paid by your savings - with extra $avings for your company each month, resulting in a cash flow positive system.   In other words…

Your savings more than pay for our work.

This means that you have immediate, new, unplanned extra cash to keep, distribute, or spend on anything else you may choose…other than the electric bill.

All this, just from deciding to investigate what Current Energy Solutions can do for your facility!

What other means of reducing fixed overhead costs pays for itself?