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Our Solutions Reduce Emissions Caused by Generating Facilities

Perhaps itís a personal conviction, a public relations effort, or a need to convince same governing entity that your are concerned with their goals.† Whatever the reason, concerns regarding environmental impact are becoming increasingly more prevalent.† The power companies face mounting opposition to the impact their generating facilities may be having on the environment.† You can demonstrate how you are doing what you can to decrease this potential problem.† We can produce useful information to utilized as a powerful resource to identify the positive impact your energy savings system from Current Energy Solutions will have on the environment.


Greenhouse Gases, Sulfur Dioxide, Mercury: all common buzzwords that are gaining increasing attention due to their reported environmental impact.† We can identify the amounts of these and other substances that will be reduced each year once you put our energy saving plan into effect.

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This powerful tool is based on information obtained from the website of Leonardo Academy, Inc. by their Emissions Reduction Calculator located at

What other means of reducing in-house costs pays such environmental dividends?