Energy Conservation is GOOD Business!

Power Quality

Save by Improving Power Quality

Your facility is filled with electrical systems and equipment of many types and sizes.  Each piece and area has its own unique needs for electrical power quality and quantity.  Each piece also generates its own contribution to the entire facilityís power quality and efficiency.

Even a fairly small commercial or industrial facility can have an enormous number of factors influencing the overall efficiency and cost of electrical operations.

We view your facility as an entire system.

Instead of taking a piecemeal approach to power correction, we evaluate your entire facility at one time, in one proven process that generates the responsible solutions necessary for reducing costs and improving overall operations. 

Our report card is your electric bill.

We believe we may be able to reduce your electric bills in ways that have been previously overlooked or not addressed by actions you may have already taken.  At the same time, our systems improve your facility's power quality, extend lighting fixture and lamp life, and improve the overall reliability of all electrical equipment.

Using advanced technologies from our efficiency improvement product line, we will design a system of treatments addressing the loads in your facility.  HVAC-Lighting-Production and Process Equipment-Nonlinear loads, such as AC and DC motor drives, UPSís, and any other switching or cycling electrical gear.


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