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The Power Optimizerô, a Patented Technology and Delivery System, is the flagship product-line of K&A Co. Ltd., the Global Energy-Savings and Profit-Enhancement Company. K&A is uniquely positioned in the world market as the result of its proprietary blending of technical and financial resources with highly motivated, focused professionals possessing expertise in scientific invention, global marketing, industrial engineering, and vertical sales solutions.

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Welcome to the future
of energy management technology

The Power Optimizerô is the result of blending Korean innovation with global market understanding and industry experience.

The Power Optimizerô is the ONLY energy reduction technology in the world that will give real, measurable kilowatt-hour reduction on ALL load types within your facility.

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Our innovative energy savings systems incorporate a new patented technology and delivery system that enables your business to achieve substantial savings on your energy bill and optimize the operating efficiency of your electrical systems and equipment.

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 Lower your Energy Bill

 Reduce Operating Costs

 Maximize Profits

The Power Optimizerô works to reduce heat and electrical vibration by stabilizing the current and training the electrons to flow more efficiently. The result is a lengthening of the electric wave and a narrowing of the flow along the center path of the conductor. A more efficient current meeting less resistance along the path of the conductor gets more of the purchased power directly to the workload.

Take a look at the future of energy management technology at: