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You depend on your electrical equipment to operate dependably, and for the least ongoing cost of maintenance and repair as possible.  Thatís why we only recommend and implement solutions that improve the operating efficiency of your equipment.

Your equipment runs better and lasts longer.

By improving the quality of the input electricity of each individual electrical device we treat, all of it runs cooler, lasts longer, has fewer incidents of failure, and requires less unplanned maintenance.

By addressing important power quality issues throughout your facility, we identify sources of dangerous power harmonics and other power anomalies, and stop them from affecting other, often vital equipment.

You continue to save these costs for years to come.

A facility treated by CES can have a notable reduction in downtime, unexpected repair and replacement, and even in the simple costs saved from less frequent changing of light bulbs and ballasts.

How much do you now spend on these ongoing repair, replacement, and maintenance costs?